Where to go White Water Rafting in Frisco, CO

Where to go White Water Rafting in Frisco, CO

Depending on how often you’ve been rafting, you need to determine your skill level. Class I and II are beginners and should stick to the Upper Colorado River. Class III rafters are intermediate and can check out Brown’s Canyon on Arkansas, Clear Creek, and Eagle River. If you have been rafting for years, Class IV Advance riders can try the Numbers rapids on Arkansas, Clear Creek, and Eagle River.

If you are looking for a half day trip, Brown’s Canyon National Monument offers both calm waters and some rapids. This is a perfect route for families with children and provides just the right amount of excitement. Another half day trip is the “Upper C” where you will enjoy some amazing views of wildflowers and forests of Douglas fir trees and blue spruce.

Adrenaline junkies who are seeking a challenging experience will want to check out the rapids on the Arkansas River and Clear Creek. You need to be in great physical shape and a good swimmer as you flow through the difficult and continues rapids. If you want to work your way up to a Class V, try the Class IV rapids called Numbers. You will love the excitement of the steep ledge drop into number 5 and continuing through the beautiful river.

When planning a group trip with a variety of skill levels, Clear Creek is probably your best bet. Rafting guides will help you manage tight turns and swift waters while admiring the mountains and scenery around you. You will even travel through some of the mining areas and there are spots of calm waters where you can just enjoy the day.

When traveling to Frisco, you can have the time of your life with a white-water rafting excursion. You will enjoy the scenery and the excitement of traveling down the river and testing your rafting skills. Whether you are planning to raft with the kids or your furry family members, Frisco offers some of the best rapids in the state. Planning your white water rafting trip to Frisco involves finding somewhere to stay after a long day. We recommend Bighorn Rentals where you can select a vacation rental near where you will be rafting and one that will accommodate your group.

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