Visit The Ghost Towns Near Stanley, ID

Visit The Ghost Towns Near Stanley, ID

To see what life was like during the early 1900’s you should visit one of the ghost towns in the area. Some of them are mostly in ruins now but a few have managed to weather the course of time. Here are four of the most interesting ghost towns near Stanley, Idaho.

Sitting at the base of Boulder Peak, Boulder City is the most scenic of the ghost towns. Once a lucrative town, around $1 million of silver ore was mined here. Set against the backdrop of tumbling white water over jagged mountain peaks, visitors can explore what is left of the town. Many of the cabins, the old mill, school and the bathhouse are still here.

Bonanza and Custer were built along the Yankee Fork River in 1876. The town of Bonanza was built after the discovery of what was known as the General Custer Mine. After the construction of the mill, the original settlers needed someplace for residents to be housed. Custer was built close by and the two towns were really more like one. This town is undergoing renovations now.

Many of the original structures are still standing. Volunteers are available to answer any questions. You can start at the schoolhouse, which has been converted into a museum and take a walking tour of the two towns.

Bayhorse was originally a gold mining town. After a huge ore of silver was discovered, the early miners extracted it instead. The Bayhorse Townsite still has many of its original structures left to be explored. You can see the old cemetery, the Bayhorse Hotel and many of the kilns that were used to make charcoal.

Other sites still exist near, Stanley, but these are the most impressive ghost towns still standing. IF you’re considering a ┬átrip to Stanley, Redfish Lake Lodge is nestled in the Sawtooth Mountains and is just a short drive from the ghost towns and other attractions.

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