The Best Skiing Spots in the Laurel Highlands, PA

The Best Skiing Spots in the Laurel Highlands, PA

Roaring Run Trails
The Roaring Run area has trails perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers. With about 13 miles of trail, you can spend a whole weekend exploring this area. There are trails with blue rectangles that indicate the level of difficulty. The yellow rectangles on the trails are an indication of easier slopes that are most appropriate for people on snowshoes.

North Woods Trails
This is another trail area best for those with a little more experience. Intermediate and advanced skiers can enjoy this spot. The trails are very remote with a rough terrain at times. If you’re going to take on these trails be prepared to be winded! There isn’t just one way to go down the mountain either. Skiers have fun creating their own loops through the forest. Some breath-taking views can be spotted on the way.

Sugarloaf Trails
The Sugarloaf trail area is one of the best spots for beginners to get comfortable on their skis. Located in Ohiopyle State Park in the Laurel Highlands, it’s a gorgeous spot with over 16 miles of trails perfect for sliding around. If you’ve never skied before in your life, this is the trail to start on. Many kids can be found here having their first taste of the winter sport.

Mystic Mountain Trails
This is another ideal place for beginner skiers to start mastering their techniques. The area has over 25 acres of fun and easy places for people to get comfortable on their skis. If you head over to the classy Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, you can sign up for classes with an instructor to prepare you for the bigger slopes ahead. Not just for beginners, the Mystic trail system has plenty of challenging areas for intermediate and advanced skiers to have some fun on as well.

If you really want to get into the skiing spirit, there are several Laurel Highlands cabins in the area for a rustic skiing vacation.

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