Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon During the Winter

Things to Do in Seaside, Oregon During the Winter

Whale Watching
The sight of powerful, majestic whales excites and interests tourists and residents alike. Winter time is gray whale migration season. Gray whales migrate from their home in Alaskan seas to their breeding grounds near Baja, California and Mexico, affording people numerous opportunities to catch a glimpse of these fascinating giant creatures. Typically, their journey soupeotakes place from the middle of December through January. The return home occurs from tge end of March through June. An estimated 18,000 gray whales pass near the Oregon Coast each time. 1_to_choice_yaquina-head-lh_00001

During the trip down, gray whales stay direct course. They move quickly and stay about 5 miles offshore. They move at a more leisurely pace on the trip back and can often be seen jyst a half mile offshore. During peak migration times, up to 30 whales may be seen at once. Whale watchers can watch from the shore or charter a boat or helicopter for spectacular views.

Seaside Aquarium
A visit to the Seaside Aquarium is a must for people who enjoy the unique experience of interacting with wildlife. There visitors can have the fascinating experience of feeding seals. Seaside Aquarium boasts one of the world’s best captove breedibg grounds for harbor seals. Another exhibit is the underwater area, which showcases the complex ecosystem of the Pacific Oceans. Visitors will see unusual and interesting plants and animals in a vibrant and colorful environment. Giant octupi, wolf eels and flatfish can all be viewed here. The touch tank is another exciting exhibit, where visitors can interact with sea life in a fun, safe way.

Seaside Carousel Mall
Shopping is a fantastic activity any time of year. Just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean, the Seaside Carousel Mall is built around a lively replica of a classic carousel. Children and adults can enjoy a fun experience on this timeless ride. They can explore the delightful shops surrounding the carousel, filled with jewelry, clothing, candy, souvenirs and more.

Check out these exciting activities, and plan your winter vacation to Seaside, Oregon today. If you are looking for a place to stay in during your winter trip to Seaside, Oregon consider a vacation homeĀ from Rogers Inn Vacation Rentals. They offer a variety of vacation homes and beach rentals that can accommodate any size group and are close to all these attractions and more.

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