How to Plan an Elopement in West Palm Beach, FL

How to Plan an Elopement in West Palm Beach, FL

What if that wasn’t the only option? Ditch the menu. Ditch the seating chart. Ditch the impossible to wear shoes. Grab your fiancé and sprint. Start the next wave of your journey without all of the pomp and circumstance. Instead, listen to the rhythm of your hearts beat in tandem, and follow that sound to the lapping of water against the shore.

West Palm Beach is a gorgeous place to tie the knot. Nuzzled on the East coast of Florida, West Palm Beach has it all – from crystal blue oceans to a bustling downtown. There, you and your fiancé can spend days by the pool or cozied up in the sand. If you and your lover have always dreamed of a getaway to the Florida coast, consider an elopement as an alternative to a traditional wedding.

Elopements are fairly simple and don’t require much planning at all. Whether it’s just the two of you or you’re bringing along a few friends or family members, the most important thing to do is to book a venue during the time you want to get married. It’s always beautiful in West Palm Beach so this shouldn’t be a problem. Next, plan out your wedding attire and any extras you want such as a celebration dinner at a local restaurant, flowers or a cake. Some elopement venues even offer packages that include all of this.

In fact, West Palm Beach promotes elopement packages starting at just under $1,000. According to Casa Grandview in West Palm Beach, their team specializes in planning Florida elopements at their bed and breakfast’s beautiful tropical location. Their elopement package includes the entire romantic gesture – silk rose petals that will never wilt, battery-powered candles that won’t catch fire, and even a small, two-person wedding cake for you and your fiance. They provide everything from flowers, cheese plates, bottled water, and soft drinks all in one gorgeous West Palm Beach package.

So, take a step back from all of the wedding planning and consider an easier, more intimate option for your wedding day. Escape the hustle and the bustle of a wedding party and let the honeymoon start early. Book your reservations and your flight, and let West Palm Beach witness the most important and pivotal moment of your life – in love and along the shore!

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