5 Travel Destination Alliterations

5 Travel Destination Alliterations

Mount Merino Manor is one of my favorite bed and breakfasts. It’s located in the beautiful Hudson Valley area in upstate New York, and is the perfect poet’s getaway. Besides its alliterative name, Mount Merino Manor has gorgeous views of the Catskill Mountains to inspire you. The rooms are cozy, the staff is sweet, and the location is ideal.

New York, New York isn’t a perfect alliteration, but it is a perfect destination. The people watching in New York is divine, and every time I go it’s a whole new experience. There’s nothing like that cultural city vibe to get the creative juices flowing.

For a relaxing tropical vacation, Hilton Hawaiian Village is a great choice. The Waikiki resort has activities to entertain just about anyone and it’s also the perfect place to just hang out and enjoy Hawaii. I particularly enjoyed my hula lesson, and you can also learn the ukulele if you’re feeling particularly Hawaiian. The Hilton has beautiful ocean views, gardens and waterfalls, and even some wildlife to enjoy during your stay in Hawaii.

I’ll admit, Walla Walla, Washington just made it on this list because it has such a great alliterative name. It does, however, have a quaint downtown with a lot of beautiful public art and a few good golf courses. It is also a great destination for wine lovers, as there are many wineries in the area. I certainly feel extra poetic after a few glasses!



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