5 Tips to Make Business Travel More Bearable

5 Tips to Make Business Travel More Bearable

1. Use a Travel Checklist

No matter how organized you think your packing regime is, you always somehow seem to forget something. Sometimes it’s something small and insignificant, but still irksome. Other times, however, it can be something as important as your meeting notes or presentation. To avoid the anxiety of that “did I forget something?” feeling, make a travel checklist. Write down everything you’re going to need a few days in advance to packing. Travel your home going from room to room writing down things you may need, such as toiletries from the bathroom downstairs and a few snacks from the pantry. This way you can visually look at items and get your brain working on what you may need. As you pack make sure to cross off each item as you go, so you know for certain you have all that you need.

2. Pills Are Your Friend

Not anything too crazy of course! During a lengthy flight, take to pain relievers before even leaving the airport. These will help to mitigate any flying bodily symptoms like a dehydration, neck pain from sitting uncomfortably, or stomachaches from eating at odd hours.

3. Keep An Energy Bar Handy

Having an energy bar in your carry on can really be a life saver. During a layover, you will have something quality to snack on to help curb your appetite and your irritation during the wait. You can buy your favorite energy bar in bulk so you never have to worry about an empty box while packing.

4. Record Room Numbers

If you’ve been traveling for weeks on end, it can be hard to keep room numbers straight. Whenever you check in or park in a numbered spot, it’s helpful to record the numbers in a little notebook or even on the virtual notepad in your phone. This way you know you’re not getting last week’s hotel number confused with this weeks.

5. Get a Good Meal

There is nothing worse than getting to a new city for the first time, starving, and not having a clue of where to eat. Yelp is the best app out there for finding a restaurant that you can enjoy, with detailed filters to narrow your search and get you somewhere fast. Indulge and get a good quality meal that will hopefully prepare you for the work ahead.

About the Author: Sam is a guest contributor from bizFlats, offering short-term, stylish rental apartments, lofts, and villas for corporate or private clients.

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